Some examples:

AP103 - Available now (sold via eBay), a pedalboard clock. Measuring 80 x 40 x 20mm (excluding footswitch), this is a clock for a musician's pedalboard showing either elapsed set time, or a countdown clock showing time remaining.

In a translucent blue case, it is powered from a standard pedal power supply and is programmable with the set time, and a warning time which can flash the display as the set time approaches expiry. The clock is started and stopped using the footswitch, a long press resetting the system.

Product page here.

AP107 - MIDI to servo controller (prototype).

Will allow control of ten servos from a MIDI input signal. Can be used to make a drumming machine or other synchronised, controlled devices. Also has an output for WS2812 type LED strings. Currently in prototype.

AP106 - Synthesiser Sub Oscillator.

Takes a synthesiser oscillator and provides an output that is divided by two or four (mixable) to add back into the synthesiser signal chain. To add depth and substance to existing modular synthesisers. Input and output on 3.5mm patch jacks. Full description here. Sold via eBay.

AP097 - PIC low pin count controller breakout board. Allows for simple connection of 8, 14, 16, and 20 pin DIL devices. Each pin is brought out to 0.1" headers on a 0.6" spacing. Connection for raw power in with a regulator circuit on the rear of the board allows powering from 7-12V DC. Two LEDs are also provided, one for power indication, the other on RA0.

Programming from a standard PICkit programmer device on a 5 way header. Available as a bare board (£4.95) or assembled (£15) with turned pin IC socket, power circuit, LEDs and programming header. Plug in your processor of choice, but fitted with a PIC16F1619.

Product page here.

AP096 - Patch Socket Adaptor.

To allow 4 to 1 stereo audio switching. Used here to allow multiple synthesisers to remain plugged in, selecting one at a time to the output.

Equally it could route one input to one of four outputs. Switched circuit is selected via a momentary pushbutton selecting each circuit in sequence.

PCB design complete if more are required to be made.

AP095 - Jack socket Adaptor. Some musical instruments only have 3.5mm jacks for output, which is annoying, especially when most venues will throw you a 1/4" jack to plug into their PA. You can get adaptors, but they will only output one channel. So, this is a simple, passive box that takes the 3.5mm from the back of such instruments, and outputs BOTH channels if just the left/mono socket is used, or straight through stereo if both output jacks are used.
Available for purchase at £25 each including a 3.5mm cable to connect to the instrument. Plus P&P. (£4 in UK, £6 international).

AP105 - Available now, a simple transition adaptor for programming cables.

Product page here.

AP092 - In prototype, a MIDI device to display played chords. Receives data over wired MIDI, or over BLE. Helps in learning keyboard skills.


AP091 - Stereo preamp board measuring 32 x 18mm. A remake of the old Velleman K2572 board, but smaller.
AP090 - Simple ESP32 development board. Using the Espressif ESP32-WROOM-32E, and intended as a proving ground for future ESP32 based designs. A simple board, based on the same pinout as Espressif's own Devkit-C. Can run from 3.3V directly, or with a 5-15V supply. Power indication and IO4 LEDs. Programmed using ESP-PROG.
AP089 - Meter Clock - unique clock displaying time (hours and minutes) on two meters. Sets time accurately from WiFi. Automatically adjusts for daylight saving times, adjustable for different regions.

Other versions are in development, a 2U 19" panel with three meters - hours, minutes and seconds.

Document : User Manual

Available for purchase, price is £79.00 each, please contact us.

Optional USB power supply £5.00 each.

AP088 - YouTube subscriber and views counter. Uses YouTube API to retrieve data and update every 20 minutes.

AP087 - Lighting controller - a small 11 mm x 10.8 mm board intended for use in scale model displays such as model railways. The LED can be programmed to illuminate at different colour temperatures and effects such as welding, TV, fire etc. Once programmed, the module 'remembers' the settings. All operates from a single 12V power supply with no other connections required once set up.

Document : Operation Manual

AP086 - CyberChime - MIDI controlled glockenspiel. Main article here.

Available for purchase, please contact us.

AP082 - WiFi connected barograph. WiFi synchronises time, barometric measurements made every 10 minutes. Three different display options.

AP080 - MIDI controller. Takes switch inputs and outputs MIDI messages. Available with configurations to control AKAI MPX-8 sampler and Yamaha Reface YC keyboard - this also as a boxed version with footswitches.

Document : Operation Manual

AP068 - PIC1572 evaluation board - a compact board to allow simple prototyping with the PIC1572 microcontroller with 0.1” connectors. Provides easy connections to I/O lines and the programming interface.
Bluetooth Test suite - automatic connection & functional test of devices on production line. (VB controller application)
Bluetooth script setup - set up modules to perform various functions. Front Panel Controller - for Hi-Fi amplifers.
USB DAC Prototype - for evaluating DAC design before integration into larger unit. (PCB design).
Turntable (record player) Speed Controller - highly accurate adjustable control. Motion Activated Light - battery powered LED illumination to fit inside musical instruments. This was a complete design including software and PCB.
Data logger for weather balloons - logging geiger counter data, with GPS logging option. WiFi sensor systems - read temperature, make data available over web, send data to remote php driven server.
Gas Mains Pressure tester - to test gas mains pipes after installation for leaks before final commissioning. With Bluetooth communication to smart phone. Camera controller - Bluetooth SMART controller to control DSLR cameras, full control standalone, initialised by smartphone.
Payphone system - complete software both embedded in assembler & host control systems. Radio modems - camera control over RF using low-cost modems & fast packet radio systems.
Competition results systems - results and galleries driven in php. Pebble Watch App - Rugby Timer & Scorekeeper. More information.
Fitbit Apps - Metronome app & Ukulele chord reference app