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Instructions :

On start-up, the App will have the match time set to its default value. As standard, this is 40 minutes. The App has three basic modes : Start/Stop, Cards & Score. Move between these modes by pressing the middle (SELECT) button. The current mode is highlighted as you step through.

Start/Stop Mode

In this mode, UP will start and stop the timer. A ‘-’ indicates that the clock is running, a ‘X’ shows that the clock is off. Press and hold UP to reset the timer to the complete match time at the beginning of the game or for example, start of the second half.

When the match time expires, the watch will vibrate.

A long press on DOWN here allows the timer App to be configured (see ‘Configuration’ below).

Cards Mode

Enter this mode and press the UP button to add a card timer. While the clock is on, this timer will run down with the watch vibrating when the card expires. Up to six cards can be added.

Score Mode

Press UP to add a score for the home team, and DOWN to add for the away team. Long presses allow scores to be subtracted in case of error.


When in this mode, the default match and card timer lengths can be set. Match time is set first. Press UP and DOWN to change the time and SELECT to move on to set the Cards time. Press SELECT again to return to the normal timer screen. The program defaults to 40 and 10 minutes, but this allows it to be changed for junior games for example (or even football).

The current version of the App is V1.10 (1st January 2015).

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Rugby Timekeeper & Scorekeeper for Pebble Smartwatch

Revision history :

V1.10 - released 01/01/2015

Cards now displayed as 'C1: END' for ten seconds at card expiry

Added non-volatile Match Length & CardsLength settings

Added setup mode - enter while in match start/stop mode, long press on down button

Maximum / minimum match length 60 / 5 minutes

Maximum / minimum cards length 20 / 1 minutes

Defaults to 40 minute match length, 10 minutes cards length

Changed run indication from 'o' to '-'

Fixed bug where card would have an extra second subtracted at start

Match time initialised and displayed on start-up

Backlight switches on when timers expire

V1.03  - released 28/12/2014

Version number displayed on startup

Font size for cards varies with number of cards for readability

Missing space between 5th and 6th cards fixed

Help hints disappear on any button press (except select)

V1.02 - released 27/12/2014

Fixed problem being able to restart timer at zero

Vibration was not working when match time was complete

Changed time to bold font, and added day/date of week

V1.00 - initial release 26/12/14