AP097 Microchip Low Pin Count Evaluation Board

Allows quick evaluation of PIC 8, 14 & 20 pin devices in a convenient format. Small size is convenient for fitting into prototype devices. A no-frills board that makes no assumptions about the final application. LED on PA0, but this can be disconnected by removing the resistor R2 on the rear of the PCB. Suitable for devices that have Pin 1 as VDD (5V) and Pin 8, 14 or 20 as VSS (GND).

Program using PICkit or similar programmers using the five way header on the top of the PCB.

Specifications / features

  • Dimensions : 16.87mm x 32.03mm x 1mm PCB thickness
  • Power LED and LED indicator on PA0 (also provides programming activity indication)
  • + / - inputs are 7 to 16V DC input - regulator & capacitor smoothing on rear of PCB (250mA regulator)
  • if 7 to 16V DC input is used, regulated 5V/200mA is available at VDD (pin 1)
  • Power supply can also be provided via programming connector (3.3 to 5V depending upon PIC device used)
  • All pins of device brought out to PCB holes ready for PCB header / wire soldering
  • Assembled board with turned pin socket, programming header and PIC16F1619 device fitted
  • All connectors at fixed 0.1" spacings making fitting onto veroboard or breadboard simple

Available as a blank PCB at £2.95 each, or assembled at £13.95 each with a 20 pin PIC16F1619 fitted (with demo program that flashes PA0 at 1Hz). Available in September 2021.

Verified with PIC12F1501, PIC12F1572, PIC12F1840, PIC16F1575, PIC16F1619, PIC16F1823, PIC16F18326, PIC18F16Q41, but most 8, 14 & 20 pin PICs with VDD on Pin 1 will be compatible. Framework program is available, just add your own config file for other processors.

Mikael Nordman's FlashForth 5 runs on this board using the PIC18F16Q41.

Connector pinouts (J1 - Power, J2 - PICkit programmer, J3/J4 - Processor pins)

Pin J1 Pin J3 J4
1 + (7 to 12V) 1 VDD & 5V out
(5V in if J1 is not used)
2 GND 2 RA5 RA0
    3 RA4 RA1
Pin J2 4 RA3 RA2
1 MCLR 5 RC5 RC0
2 VDD 6 RC4 RC1
3 VSS / GND 7 RC3 RC2
4 PGD 8 RC6 RB4
5 PGC 9 RC7 RB5
    10 RB7 RB6


Plus P&P. (£2 in UK, £6 international).