AP106 Synthesiser Sub Oscillator

Currently in prototype, but available soon, a sub-oscillator that divides the input frequency by 2 or 4 (1 or 2 octaves) and allows a mix of those on the output. The output can be fed back into the synthesiser chain to add big bass harmonics to a signal.

With a mix control and input, output and through jacks (3.5mm ideal for synth patch cables. Powered from a guitar pedal power supply (9v DC, +ve on outer).

Specifications / features

  • Dimensions : 60mm x 35mm x 20mm (box) - plus control knob
  • 9V DC power supply required
  • <50mA power consumption

Example outputs

(yellow trace is input, blue trace output)

Control knob full left:

Control knob half left:

Control knob midpoint:

Control knob half right:

Control knob full right:

User manual download link


Video demo