AP095 Jack Socket Adaptor

Connect 1/4" jacks to your instruments that only have 3.5mm outputs - with a clever twist. Some musical instruments only have 3.5mm jacks for output, which is annoying, especially when most venues will throw you a 1/4" jack to plug into their PA. You can get adaptors like 'Y' cables, but they will only output one channel on each connector. This is especially a problem for sounds that fade or are modulated between left and right, which will simply fade up and down on a mono channel.

So, this is a simple, passive (no batteries required) box that takes the 3.5mm from the back of such instruments, and outputs BOTH channels mixed together if just the left/mono socket is used, or straight through stereo (like a 'Y' cable) if both output jacks are used.

Originally made for a Casio CT-S1 keyboard, also works with Artiphon Orba, Yamaha PSS-A50 and other instruments that have stereo outputs on 3.5mm jack sockets.


Dimensions : 65mm x 70mm x 28mm
Weight : 65 grams
Input : Stereo 3.5mm jack socket
Outputs : 2 x Mono 1/4" (6.3mm) jack sockets

Documentation and operation instructions

Available for purchase at £25 each including a 3.5mm cable to connect to the instrument.

Plus P&P. (£4 in UK, £6 international).