AP103 Pedalboard Timer

AP103 - A musician's clock and timer. Measuring 80 x 40 x 20mm (excluding footswitch), this is a clock for a pedalboard showing either elapsed set time, or a countdown clock showing time remaining.



Burnt Titanium






Translucent Blue

Purple colour change



In a 3d printed case available in a number of colours with a window, it is powered from a standard pedal power supply and is programmable with the set time, and a warning time which can flash the display as the set time approaches expiry. The clock is started and stopped using the footswitch, a long press resetting the system.

A special purple variant is available (in addition to standard purple) which changes colour to pink when the ambient temperature is 31 degrees centigrade. Fun on those hot gigs!

A translucent blue case is also available, although the display is dimmer due to the nature of the case and not having a distinct window like the 3d printed cases.  

Read the manual here.

Introductory video here.

Specifications / features

  • Dimensions : 80mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • 15mm red LED display & Status LED
  • 9V DC input - operates from standard pedal power supply (not included)
  • Current consumption : ~60mA 
  • Maximum count up timer : 240 minutes
  • Maximum count down timer : 240 minutes
  • Optional overrun facility
  • Flash warning : settable at 0 to 10 minutes

Price : £54.95 - available for purchase on eBay, search for AP103. To order direct, please email us. UK P&P is £5, rest of world is £10.