AP080 MIDI Controller

This MIDI controller has evolved from a device to control an AKAI MPX-8 sampler to a rotary switch controller for a Yamaha Reface YC keyboard.

With two configurable modes for the YC, it allows the rotary sound effect of the keyboard to be controlled via a footswitch. The board allows for up to 12 switches to be connected, each initiating a different MIDI out function or even sequence. Connect a standard guitar pedal type power supply and connect to your Reface with a MIDI cable.

Document : User Manual

Yamaha YC version available for purchase (without power supply).

Board only ready for fitting into your own enclosure and switches (soldering of switches required) : £25
Footswitches : £4 each
Complete in enclosure with footswitches (note that enclosures are hand built, so expect some "tolerance" around the connector ports) : £55

Plus postage & packing : to UK address £5, Europe £10, USA £15.

Please contact us to order.

Demonstration of the AP080 MIDI controller for the Yamaha Reface YC

Version 2 of the board with MIDI in/out, & WS2812 LED interface. To be used as the basis for new projects.