AP100 Crave + Behringer Synthesiser Stand

A stand for the Behringer Crave synthesiser, that also supports a Behringer desktop style synthesiser on the lower tier. This makes them convenient to patch between the two, and also puts the lower synthesiser at a more convenient angle for use.

Specifications / features

  • Laser cut in 5mm orange or black acrylic
  • Replaces end cheeks on Crave, supports lower synthesiser
  • Lower synth can be Pro-1, K2, Neutron, CAT or Model D
  • Dimensions : 165mm deep, 288mm high (with synthesisers fitted).

Pricing is £29.99 delivered via eBay - search for AP100 there. Please email info@ambientpower.co.uk for other options and we can send a Paypal invoice.

Acrylic is supplied with protective film to avoid scratching in manufacture and transit, remove before use. Two rubber strips are supplied if required to act as non-slip rubber feet for desktops.

Now available in orange and black. 

* Synthesisers are not included.